Game rules

§1 One Account Per Player

  1. Each player is allowed one account per world. Logging into another player’s account is never permitted (excluding account sitting) - this is treated as multi accounting. Sharing your password with another player on any world you play is forbidden, and accounts on the same connection should not share the same password..
  2. Knowing, storing, sharing the password/s for any other account/s on worlds you play is forbidden.
  3. You are not allowed to access the account/s belonging to any other player/s, including family or friends, unless account sitting is used (see article 3 for more information on sitting).
  4. It is illegal to attempt to gain access to any other account via hacking, guessing passwords, asking for passwords or tricking players into giving their password out.
  5. It is allowed to Co-play an account, provided that none of the players have access to another account on the same world. It is allowed for a player to take up a new account on a world where their old account still exists, provided that the old account has been set to deletion, and 24 hours have passed before logging in to the new account. Logging back into the old account for any reason is strictly forbidden.
  6. If you are leaving a co-played account then the account password must be changed also the email if relevant. You must wait 24hrs if you wish to create a new account in the same world.

§2 Multiple accounts on the same connection

Connection sharing refers to accounts that are played from the same computer or internet connection, whether this is temporary, which does not need to be declared, or regular sharing of a connection, which must be declared under all circumstances.

  1. Internet Sharing must be set up on all accounts that play from the same connection/computer (connection shared for 72 hours or more). It is your responsibility to ensure that it is set up on all accounts sharing a connection (settings -> share internet connection) as all accounts will be punished regardless of settings.
  2. No transfer of resources, attacks or support on each other are permitted whilst connection sharing is in place.
  3. No transfer of resources, coordinated attacks or support is permitted for a 24hour period to the same account after the last action taken by another account on the same connection.

§3 Account sitting

Account sitting (aka “sitting”) is a temporary replacement to the account owner, both are equally responsible for actions taken by the sitter, and will be punished accordingly should any breach be found.

(1) general

  1. Article 2, paragraphs II. and III., must be adhered to, as if the accounts in question were sharing a connection.
  2. Account sitters that intentionally destroy or seriously damage an account they are sitting will be punished. This includes suiciding troops, downgrading buildings, or supplying information about the account to a third party.
  3. Sitting an account for the sole purpose of supplying resources to others is forbidden.
  4. If a player is sitting one or more accounts and either multiple sat accounts or at least one sat account and the sitter's own account are being attacked from one player, the sitter may choose freely one of the targeted accounts to attack back.
  5. Any account, sat for more than 30 day continuous, will have the sitting ended unless there is good reason (i.e. owner away in Forces) about which the account owner has previously notified the Ingame Staff in a support ticket.

(2) Addendum for accounts where owners have quit or left the game:

  1. Players, who quit the game and give their account over for nobling, must send in a support ticket notifying the Ingame Staff. No extension to 30 day account sits will be allowed. The sitter is then free to use the account as he sees fit providing all actions are within the rules,this allows the suiciding of troops.
  2. An account can be declared abandoned at 21 days continuous sitting if there is no sign of the owner’s return and the owner has left no notice of a return date.(Support must be informed of your intentions to noble the account.)
  3. Accounts that have been given over for internal nobling are not allowed to continue taking other villages, only exception to this rule is to recapture a village taken by enemy players.
  4. If you take over an account you must change the password and email. (This is to ensure you are now the new owner of the account.)

§4 Communication

  1. This is the United Kingdom version of Tribal Wars meaning all communication must be in English. Any private mail/profile/tribe reported may be punished if this is not followed.
  2. Insulting other players and the use of language in an abusive/offensive context is forbidden. We do not accept profiles, player names, village names or any other publications that the Administration finds to be illegal, insulting, threatening, abusive, real-life-aggressive, sexual, politically incorrect, right extreme, religiously fanatic, racist or in any way inappropriate. Advertising other games or moneymaking sites, or posting links to inappropriate content is forbidden. This relates to private mails, personal or tribal profiles, village or tribal names, or any other medium available within the game. Just because it is in the dictionary does not mean it is allowed. (Support will have the final say on what is permitted).
  3. It is not allowed to create tribes exclusively for one nationality, religion or language and/or to exclude other players because of their nationality, language or religion.
  4. CHANGED BY TW SUPPORT. If you see this then offensive text has been removed and you are expected to re-word it more appropriately. (A ticket may not always be given).

§5 Scripts and Bots

  1. The only scripts allowed in the British version can be found here.
  2. All other scripts have to be approved first by submitting the complete code and explanation into a new thread here.
  3. Tribal Wars should be played with a normal browser only. Bots, browser add-ons and other applications that automate game activities are forbidden. All Greasemonkey scripts are forbidden.
  4. All non approved scripts installed on the Quickbar or stored in the account will be punishable. (Functional or not).

§6 Misc

  1. It is forbidden to buy, sell or offer accounts, resources or ingame services on eBay or any other medium.
  2. Offering premium for any ingame service is against the rules, this includes running competitions within your tribe for taking part in operations/nobling villages etc.
  3. Operating a push account is forbidden. Pushing is considered as one account only existing to advance another account on the same world. All resources and/or troops for example are created predominantly to benefit another account
  4. If you experience a bug you must report it immediately, failure to do so may result in punishment.
  5. Inactive accounts may be deleted after 14 Days.
  6. We do not refund premium for players who are banned for breaching our rules.
  7. The merging of accounts that have previously played mostly on the same connection is not permitted.
  8. Sidding is illegal.
  9. All Moderators' instructions must be followed..
  10. Insulting/abuse of the Moderation Staff through Support Tickets or through the forum may result in in-game punishment.Impersonating members of staff will result in a permanent ban on your account.

§7 Speed Server Specific Rules

All rules as stated above must be followed plus:

  1. Only one account per computer.
  2. Internet sharing must be set up immediately on joining.