Speed rounds

Speed rounds are a modified game versions of the original game. They are played with a much higher speed (e.g. 120 times) and last somewhere between a few hours and a few weeks.

#7756 6 hour No haul Round

Start: Jul 25, 13:30
End: Jul 25, 19:30
Description: Caution: The farm limit is active. Per farm level, 1000 units are supported.

  • Increased starting build: Level 10 HQ, Level 20 Farm, Level 20 Warehouse, Level 1 Rally point, Level 10 Barracks, Level 10 Smithy, Level 20 Timber camp, Level 20 Clay pit, Level 20 Iron mine, Level 5 Market, Level 5 Stable, Level 5 Wall.
  • 15 minutes beginner protection. Ratio protection active for the first 2 hours (10 per cent).
  • Paladin active (no items)
  • Archers active.
  • Simple tech smithy.
  • Fake limit active. Minimum attack force is 1 per cent of village points.
  • Barbs and advanced bonus villages grow to 1500 points.
  • Coin academy.
  • 2-member tribe limit. No attacking tribemates. No leaving tribe. No outside support.
  • Ability to choose starting direction.
  • Militia active to maximum 2 villages. Duration 1.0 hours.
Victory conditions: Top player receives 100 premium points

Speed: 400
Unit speed: 0.6
Sleep mode: No
Account sitting: No
Morale: Yes