Speed rounds

Speed rounds are a modified game versions of the original game. They are played with a much higher speed (e.g. 120 times) and last somewhere between a few hours and a few weeks.

#6668 5 days x100

Start: Apr 02, 10:00
End: Apr 07, 10:00
Description: Caution: Noblemen travel a maximum distance of 100 fields
25 minutes beginner protection. Ratio protection active for the first 4 hours (10 per cent).
Paladin active (no items)
No archers.
Simple tech smithy.
Fake limit active. Minimum attack force is 1 per cent of village points.
Barbs and advanced bonus villages grow to 1500 points.
Coin academy. Nobleman prices are not constant.
3-member tribe limit. No attacking tribemates. No leaving tribe. No outside support.
Ability to choose starting direction.
Militia active to maximum 2 villages. Duration 1.0 hours.
Sleep mode enabled.
Night Bonus Enabled (11pm until 7am)
Victory conditions: Top tribe receive 60pp each
Speed: 100
Unit speed: 0.6
Sleep mode: Yes
Account sitting: No
Morale: Yes